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About Us

In today's challenging economic times, many businesses and governmental bodies find themselves losing money and seeing valued relationships damaged because consumer and commercial customers and constituents are not paying for services rendered, fees owed, and /or products delivered. Dealing with past due receivables can be an extremely costly, frustrating, and unpleasant endeavor that is often avoided at a great cost.

Dignity Recovery Services, LLC (DRS) is a local, family owned business assisting small to medium sized businesses, municipalities, villages, and townships recover past due debt. We specialize in providing debt recovery assistance for creditors which, because of their size or smaller number of past due accounts, are often overlooked by large collection firms.

We offer a different but highly effective approach to recovering the debts owed. Our personal faith and commitment to wholesome character qualities enable us to address indebtedness in an overwhelmingly positive, professional, and resourceful way. We assist those with past due obligations face their debts from the standpoint of accountability and responsibility. We temper our approach with understanding and creativity. Often, the result is that one-time discouraged debtors break out of a mindset of hopelessness and find solutions that give them a fresh start with respect and dignity.

For those debtors who choose not to cooperate with our efforts to secure voluntary compliance, we have direct access to legal resources specializing in the collection of past due debt.

Finally, we offer other accounts receivable management programs and services to prevent accounts from going into default, which include educational programs and installment plan administration.

We would count it a true blessing to get started helping your business or jurisdiction manage current accounts and recover past due receivables.

~ Jeffery J. Taylor, Owner



(614) 379-3500 (614) 379-3500



The Taylor Professional Building
6445 East Livingston Avenue
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068


If you are working with us to resolve a debt and would like to make a payment, we offer the following options:

Online and over the phone

For payments over the phone or to set up Auto-Pay, please call us at (614) 379-3500.

Make a one-time payment online

We currently accept Visa and MasterCard.

Accepted Card Brands

By mail

Please make your Check or Money Order payable to Dignity Recovery Services, and include your account number in the memo section.

Send all correspondence to:

6445 East Livingston Ave
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

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